DYMAT 2009
Volume 1, 2009
DYMAT 2009 - 9th International Conference on the Mechanical and Physical Behaviour of Materials under Dynamic Loading
Page(s) 901 - 907
Section Bio-Mechanics
Published online 15 September 2009
DYMAT 2009 (2009) 901-907
DOI: 10.1051/dymat/2009126

A tapered striker pulse shaping technique for uniform strain rate dynamic compression of bovine bone

T.J. Cloete1, A. van der Westhuizen1, S. Kok2 and G.N. Nurick1

1  Blast Impact and Survivability Research Unit (BISRU), Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cape Town, Private bag X3, Rondebosch 7701, South Africa
2  Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Published online: 15 September 2009

A conical striker technique is presented for the dynamic compression of bone at uniform strain rates. It is shown that the strikers produce an incident pulse with an initial stress jump followed by a gradual rise that can be matched to the specimen hardening rate, resulting in a uniform strain rate test. Test results are presented at strain rates of 300 s−1 and 1150 s−1 and compared with results obtained with conventional uniform strikers. The results are shown to be consistent with regard to previously reported observations [McElhaney J.L., J. Appl. Physiol., 21(1966), 1231–1236.; 2Adharapurapu R.R. et al., Mat. Sci. Eng. C, 26(2006), 1325–1332]. and are compared to predictions obtained using the constitutive relation proposed by Shim et al. [Shim V.P.W. et al., Int. J. Impact Eng., 32 (2005), 525–540.], for which optimized material constants are extracted.

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