6th International Conference on Mechanical and Physical Behaviour of Materials under Dynamic Loading
J. Phys.  IV France  – Vol. 10 - Pr9
Krakow, Poland - September
25-29, 2000

This is the third International Conference to be organised by the DYMAT Association since it was enlarged from a purely French organisation.

As previously an opportunity will again be provided for scientists, engineers and industrialists working on problems associated with the dynamic loading of materials to exchange information and share experiences both in relation to the overall macroscopic response of materials and in relation to the microscopic mechanisms which control this behaviour.

The conference will be concerned with both theoretical and experimental approaches to the study of all aspects of the mechanical behaviour of materials at high rates of strain.

There will be five main sessions each opened with a review lecture :

      Constitutive equations;
      Numerical simulation of high strain rate phenomena;
      New testing techniques in dynamics (testing polymers, composites, ceramics), methods of transient temperature measurement;
      Processes utilising high strain rates and strains : metal forming, metal cutting;
      Structures under high strain rate loading : crashworthiness, ballistic studies,....